Where is the Capitol Christmas Tree?

Welcome to TracktheTree.com, the official tracking Web site for the 2016 Capitol Christmas Tree. TracktheTree.com provides real-time tracking of the Capitol Christmas Tree as it travels from the Payette National Forest in Idaho to the front lawn of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to interact with others visiting the Capitol Christmas Tree on its journey. From everyone at SkyBitz, we wish you a happy holiday season and hope you enjoy the wonderful events surrounding the Capitol Christmas Tree in 2016.

Map Features :

  • The tree icon represents the latest location of the tree in the map on the right.
  • The map below shows the full route of the tree.
  • Click the color dots on the map to read fun facts about the stops on the tour.
  • Orange dots represent stops already visited.
  • Yellow dots represent stops that have yet to be visited.
  • The Red dot represents the next upcoming stop.

Latest Location:

Full Route:

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At SkyBitz, we are proud to offer tracking service for the ninth year to the Capitol Christmas Tree and we enjoy creating solutions to solve customer challenges. SkyBitz has a history of innovation, and we foster a culture of improving and re-inventing our technologies to solve problems to better serve our customers. We are constantly trying to invent ways to solve problems and apply our technology to new applications.